Swindon Ski & Snowboard Servicing

Why Service?

It's easy to explain why you should regularly tune your skis or snowboard:

Professional edge grinding ensures uncompromising grip even on icy slopes saving you energy and increasing safety.
If your edges are worn your ski/board will want to continually slip out from under you while making turns. Dull edges will no longer grip the snow to help you carve your turns. Worn edges can be particularly hard to ski/ride on firm or icy snow conditions. Using our WINTERSTEIGER side and base edge grinding machine we can quickly bring back that new ski feel.

Optimum base maintenance ensures the perfect "turning moment" and smooth easy gliding in all snow conditions.
As you ski/ride the wax gradually wears away from the base due to friction leaving it with a dry, fuzzy appearance. By applying a fresh coat of wax before every ski trip we will refresh the base and improve the glide while conditioning it against oxidization. Our WINTERSTEIGER Waxjet allows a consistent hot wax application with increased wax absorption.

We can also repair damage to the base such as deep scratches and gouges with our WINTERSTEIGER Polygun repair system. Larger patch repairs can also be undertaken where necessary subject to closer inspection.

Regular servicing will extend the life of your skis and boards and make them easier to use. This in turn will improve your confidence and performance whilst ensuring you get the best out of your equipment.

To arrange a service please follow the Request A Service link.